Agricultural War

The "war" against agricultural "pests" is escalating. Systemic herbicides and insecticides are gaining approval in the U.S. though not as easily in the European community. The naive American public is deceived by the focus on profitability of corporations such as Bayer Crop Science, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Syngenta, and Dupont.

Glyphosate, aldicarb, and spirotetramat are three of these systemic pesticides used on virtually every vegetable in the market.

These systemic pesticides all require other chemicals to help the plants absorb these poisons. Many of these additives, called adjutants, are not necessarily controlled by the FDA, and may be more harmful to health than the poisons themselves.

There are algicides to kill algae, avicides to kill birds, bactericides to kill bacteria, fungicides to kill fungus, herbicides to kill weeds, insecticides to kill insects, miticides to kill mites, molluscicides to kill snails and slugs, nematicides to kill nematodes, piscides to kill fish, and rodenticides to kill rodents.

If you think you can eat these chemicals without health effects, you are wrong. There are no long term studies on the health effects of these chemicals and new ones are appearing each year.

Scientists throughout the world warn of the possible dangers of these chemicals and define an issue they call “chemical cocktail” which is an unknown combination of these chemicals in each meal you consume.

There may be glyphosate in the corn, aldicarb in the potatoes, and spirotetramat in the tomatoes. The combination of these chemicals, designed to kill “lower” life forms may be contributing to many of the health problems that are increasingly present in our world.

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